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The 4to24 App: Portal for Professionals

Started Mar 17, 2022

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Full course description

The 4to24 app is a free resource for parents of children and youth who are blind or have low vision and youth aged 16 or older. It focuses on building independence over time to help young people prepare for successful employment and independent living as an adult.

This online portal provides access to the 4to24 app’s information and topic areas. It is for professionals who would like to have the app’s information without being restricted to a specific app account.

To register, you must be a professional working with people who are blind or have low vision, such as a vocational rehabilitation counselor, teacher of students with visual impairments, or orientation and mobility instructor.

To apply for access, please email us at Please provide us with your name, professional position or area of expertise, and professional email address.

Our team will review your information to process your request and notify you promptly.

Please note that we highly recommend that parent and student users create an account to use the app so that the individual modules will be delivered at the appropriate time points for the student. 

What’s included in this portal? All of the app content is available, which professionals can use to work with their students and clients. The app provides information, activities, and links to resources to inform parents about skills and experiences that would be helpful for their children as they grow. Modules of information are included on topics like building social skills, literacy, technology, academics, and daily living skills.

The app covers ages 4 to 24 years, from preschool age into young adulthood and early career. Youth with blindness or low vision ages 16 to 24 can also use the app and receive the information written specifically for a younger audience.

When a parent or student creates an app account using their mobile device, the user will complete a checklist of skills or activities the youth has already accomplished so that the app can start the student’s content at the right level. The modules are then delivered to the user over time as appropriate for the student’s age, grade, or skill level. The information is self-paced so that users can access the information at their convenience.

The app is available free of charge for parents and youth, and can be accessed online or through the iOS App Store or Google Play.